Property Management

by NotifyIF

NotifyIF Services support on-site and remote property management with Real Time Monitoring and Reporting.

Monitoring by people on site means reporting what they witness. Monitoring may be predefined by role or job specific requirements, or more generally, reporting on any activity, regular, scheduled, or more likely, unexpected or unusual or suspicious. Monitoring by devices, regulated by hours of operation, frequency, duration, or rules associated with location or safety status levels.

The Reporting Systems stores and displays monitored and reported activity. Authorized people can easily and quickly report the problems they see. Problems such as hazards, unwanted behavior, unscheduled workers, suspicious behavior, and unauthorized activity or vehicles, packages, etc. Use of Reporting features can be limited in numbers, or widely deployed for tighter security and earlier detection of threats and hazards.

Reports can include date-time-stamped comments and images, including any live talk-downs used to deter or assist with issues. Data can be aggregated by event type, time, and provide views over selected time horizons.

Smart Phone app users can be owners, management company staff, on-site staff, tenants, security, maintenance, and other contractors. Remote monitoring using video and alerts from people on-site, offers leadership access for crisis management.

Each user's authorizations can be defined to address their areas of interest and knowledge, and may be controlled by location and limited by day and time.

Automated video motion reporting supports property rules and hours of operation.

Audio equipment supports automated and live talk downs and intervention, offering tenants, visitors, customers, needed safety with detection and deterrence, or for greeting early and late visitors, offering information assistance.

Scheduling people by role and responsibility enables verification at each step; assignment acknowledgement, on-the-job arrival and on-the-job task-level monitoring including outcome reporting, in short, confirming the right people are doing the right job and the right time.

Monitoring scheduled activities and hours of operation for facilities and amenities helps stop problems early, perhaps before they cause harm or liability.


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